Visuals have been the medium of communication from the early days of mankind. Even before the languages became written, pictures and visuals were used as effective means of communicating concepts and ideas. Aviz help businesses to harness the power of Visualization to use their data assets for informed decision making.

  Information Visualization
Businesses invest heavily in the enterprise systems like ERP, CRM and in the decision support systems like data warehousing and mining. Huge quantities of data is generated and held by these enterprise systems. However, this vast accumulated data is rarely used to its full potential for decision making, the main reason being the inability to present this data to the users in a way they can understand and analyze it easily.

Aviz solves this problem by converting the textual data to visuals, for presentation to the user in its most natural form, highlighting the trends, patterns, anomalies and correlations. This greatly helps the decision makers make fast and accurate decisions.

Aviz visualization solutions are being regularly used by the customers in the Finance, FMCG, transportation, and telecom businesses.

Aviz also works with the software solution providers and the software product companies to enhance their current solutions with the data visualization capabilities. Adding a visualization layer to their solutions/ products brings more value to the customers while differentiating their solutions from others.

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