Tree maps facilitate fast visual analysis of large data sets and allow user to discover hidden trends and crucial information . It stimulates analytical thinking, encourages professional instinct and helps reveal otherwise invisible patterns.
    At a Glance view
       Allows easy viewing of hundreds of records at a time
       Uses space filling technique to bring out relative        importance of various records
       Each record is colored by its significance e.g. growth,        change, type, importance, priority, etc.
       Moving mouse over any rectangle highlights        corresponding or related notes.
       Tool tip shows additional data
       Java swing
       Microsoft .NET Winforms
       Web deployed as image maps
       SQL databases


Tree maps are a 'new way' of displaying a hierarchy (where elements can be associated with a size) in a rectangular painting area. Each node of the hierarchy is drawn as a rectangle, with it's sub nodes drawn recursively into it - the area size of each rectangle is proportional to the 'size' of the node, so large elements/node have large rectangles, small elements small rectangles.

    Market Research
    Sales Data Analysis 



Market Research.
Above screen shot shows the data collected for 600 different brands & SKUs of toilet soaps. The data is also collected on the basis of 20 different variables such as SECs, Regions, months, special offers etc. Just imagine the complexity of data if it is represented in normal tabular format. Here you can see, in just one screen shot which brand is doing better in given category? What is the market position compared to others? Which brand promotion activity has really affected the sales etc.

enlarge view    

Sales Data Analysis.

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