Aviz Thoughtmapper is a Powerful tool that uses the Mind-mapping technique to change the way in which you represent your thoughts.

    Structure your thoughts.
    Plan activity.
    Take notes

Aviz Thoughtmapper is a product that allows a user to visually organize thoughts and ideas around a central theme.
ThoughtMaps use and stimulate the visual abilities of the mind. If represented visually, a bigger subject can be understood and remembered much more efficiently.
The graphical representation of thoughts consists of a central image corresponding to the main concept and other related concepts that radiate out as branches. Colors and themes can be added to enhance the visual appeal and individuality, resulting in greater creativity, understanding and recall.

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Computer generated ThoughtMaps offer several major advances over the original paper mind map.

    Easy re-structuring / Editing
    No drawing skills required

These advantages should combine to make Mind Mapping as popular as it should be:
Integrate and share:
Thoughtmapper integrates with Microsoft Outlook to create tasks and appointments, allowing you to define a set of concrete action points as a direct consequence of thoughts. Thoughtmapper also supports a variety of export options incuding Word, PDF, and PowerPoint. Mind maps created using Thoughtmapper can directly be published on the web by using the powerful HTML export feature.

Traditional note taking techniques become inconvenient and meaningless once data and inter-relationships within data increase. Reorganizing this data, understanding key points and seeing the bigger picture becomes harder.

Aviz Thoughtmapper helps you to visually organize thoughts and ideas around a central theme by creating a Mind Map.

Following are the examples of mind maps created using Thoughtmapper. These maps cover a diverse set of domains, ranging from marketing to project planning. These maps provide insights into how Thoughmapper can boost your creativity in every area.

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    Marketing Plans
    Product Development
    Project planning
    Meeting minutes

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Are you eager to start mind mapping but don't know where to start ?
Are you familiar with mind mapping but yet to use it to its fullest potential ?

Aviz is happy to announce a partnership with MindMap Software to provide personal training courses for mind mapping.

Visit the link below to start training.


This 5 day training course will equip you with all the necessary insights,techniques and strategies for effective mind mapping.

In 5 days you will learn
How your mind works
What mindmapping is and how to apply it effectively.
How to make the best mindmaps on your computer
Make mindmaps in your head to help you learn faster and better

Please visit the MindMap Software training website for further information.

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