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Dashboards for India Energy Portal of NITI Aayog

We recently developed energy dashboards for this portal along with Prayas (Energy Group) for the NITI Ayog India. The Dashboards present energy data of all forms like Electricity, Coal, Gas, Oil in various forms. It will be useful for all stake holders in Energy sector. The holistic picture will provide good help for energy planning and management.

This dashboard or portal aims to provide a single-window access to energy data in the country, which is critical to policy formulation, modelling and other analytical work, and business decisions. It aims to provide interesting visualisations of data to get an intuitive understanding of the sector. It also enables easy downloading of data into convenient spread-sheet formats. Currently, the portal is a proof-of-concept that has compiled energy data published by Government agencies such as CEA, CCO and PPAC. It contains data from 2005-06 up to the latest year for which comprehensive data is available. The currently presented data is not rich in consumption or financial aspects as such data is not reliably available. It also covers only commercial energy data as only such data is regularly collected and published.

The data collection part was done by Prayas and showing the Data in Dashboards was done by us. These Energy dashboards are available on 

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