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Bill of Material, MRP and Billing

An integrated system including Bill of Material (BOM), Material Resource Planning (MRP) was developed and implemented at Nichrome India.

The BOM allows defining of multi level Bill of Material as per drawings for Machine Assembly, Subassemply, components and Raw material in hierrachical manner. Consideration of Boughtout, Inhopuse, Laboour type of job works was possible. Approved BOM can then generate requisitions automatically for the machine.

MRP includes entrie production chain as Indent - PO - GRN - GRIR - Material Issue - Dispatch. The various features provided to achieve reduction in cycle time were

  • Auto generation of Material indents considering inventory and orders in pipeline.
  • Auto generation of POs in Draft mode
  • Auto Issue Slip generation in FIFO manner

The Billing Systems was for generating bills for Vendors considering the POs and GRIR.

A complete integrated solution helped various departments right from Design, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing till Dispatch and Billing.

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