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Real Estate or Property Valuation

This is a product developed for Synergy Valuers & Project Consultants, one of the leading Property Valuers in Pune. Various financial institutes, banks, funding agencies, project consultants, estate agents/ brokers and even individualsl need valuation of properties for various purposes like loan, mortgage, sale purchase etc.

Valuation is based on various parameters such as geographical location, specifications, locality, area, rate and so on. Lot of data is required as reference, actual site details, various documents, photographs need to be preserved for supporting the final figure.

This browser based application ensures accuracy, increase in response time, ease of operations and a good formatted valuation report. Some key features of the Software Application are 

Case Details 

  • All information about Case is available at one point.
  • Simply navigation to refer other information groups like SiteVisit, Processing, Valuation, Documents, Photos, Report etc.
  • Easy to know the case life cycle and how it has moved from person to person.
  • Interactive combinational search for case is provided.
  • Integration with GoogleMap is also possible.

Site Visit Information

  • Facility to Import Site Visit data from excel sheet.
  • Facility to see Assignment distribution and change if the need is.
  • Simple workflow to freeze completion of step.
  • Integration with GoogleMap - One can view the geographical location on GoogleMap. Other cases in vicinity are also visible there

Processing – Area, Valuation and Report

  • Area details can be entered wrt documents like Plan, Index
  • Area entry upto lowest level i.e. Room is possible
  • Market rates, Govt Rates can be specified
  • Additional valuation items like Car Parking, Garden etc can be added.
  • Fair Market Value, Net Realizable Value, Distress Value calculation.

Billing information

  • Institute wise separate billing possible.
  • Case Type and Property type wise different rates
  • Pending Bills reports
  • Alerts for cases not billed but dispatched

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