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Management of Minor Forest Produces - गौण वनउपज

  1. Management of Minor Forest Produces - गौण वनउपज

    Minor Forest Produce Works Execution and Tracking

    • Create the Project for the season
    • Record people working on it.
    • Record quantities and work done
    • Finalize Rates for sale
    • Payment to people

Mendha(Lekha) in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra was the first village that executed the Community Forest Rights Act in the jungle area near of the village.

Gramsabha is systematically studying the yield patterns and planning various projects based on minor forest produce like Bamboo, Tendupatta, Mahua etc. We provided software services to Gramsabha for data capture, management and analysis of the various jungle resource.

With the help of the software, they are able to get all required information for e-bidding for Bamboo and Tendupatta and similar produces.

Marathi language interface has been provided to easy usage and acceptance by all. This is achieved using Unicode and hence can be easily converted to other local languages wherever required.

This product can be easily customized at other places.

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