In this day and age of specialization, groups prefer to focus on their core expertise. The field of visualization requires a great deal of knowledge which can be sourced externally, to reduce costs and guarantee success based on existing expertise. The visualization team at Aviz delivers such services based on

    Years of visualization expertise
    Experience in executing small to large projects
    Product and Component development skills
    A ready suite of customised visualization products
    Flexibility in engagement models

Our services range from end-to-end project execution to building custom UI components for your product or solution. We have experience in working with teams for new projects as well as building new UI's over existing systems/products without changing the system’s data model.

    Improved UI - consulting Marico

    UI for existing Projects/ Products

    Component development - MBT- Treemap.Net

    End to End Development - UrbanFun


As visualization evangelists, we offer a range of services to enable better visualizations and UI's for our clients. Our services are applicable at all stages of the software development process, and are equally relevant to product as well as solution development.

With increased competition and higher demands from users, a large number of applications (both products and custom-built systems) are facing the pressure to improve their UI. Existing systems have excelled at collecting and analyzing data, and the time is now ripe to concentrate on the presentation of data. With its rich visualization experience and expertise, Aviz can help software development teams to innovate UI's. We help to build UI's that are easier to use and more intuitive to the end user by studying the application, end users, and the way they use the systems.
We help build applications that

• Bring out patterns in the data
• Present data in domain specific paradigms
• Ease data entry with innovative interfaces
• Reduce user effort using visualization

The biggest hindrance to building improved UI's for existing applications is the perceived cost of changes to the application, and the possibility that users might have to be re-trained. Aviz has perfected the process of adding UI's in a phased manner (mixing existing views with new ones) over a period of time, without any changes to the existing application's data or user models. Our visualization expertise ensures that the new UI's are ideal for your usage scenario.

Our model for solutions generally follows these steps
• An initial discussion of the system and the requirements for a new UI.
• A free initial proof of concept to prove the feasibility
• A detailed system analysis ending with a complete UI for products
• A prototype to assess the impact of the major UI improvements
• Project execution and delivery

Along with our existing suite of off the shelf UI components, we also build custom UI components for both desktop and web-based applications. These can be completely new components or existing visualization components that are customised for your specific needs. Our range of existing components includes treemap, tablelens and components for mind mapping.
Such components are available in a variety of licensing arrangements. Please contact us for details.
We build complete systems for offshore clients, adding our visualization expertise to enhance the usability and market reach of these applications. We are currently working with clients in the US, Europe, and India, with plans to expand to the Japanese market soon. Our solution development team has experience in executing small to medium scale projects in diverse technologies and domains. We execute projects on both T&M and fixed price bases depending on the needs of the client.


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