Our Projects

Real Estate or Property Valuation

This is a product developed for Synergy Valuers & Project Consultants, one of the leading Property Valuers in Pune. Various financial institutes, banks, funding agencies, project consultants, estate agents/ brokers and even individualsl need valuation of properties for various purposes like loan, mortgage, sale purchase etc.

Valuation is based on various parameters such as geographical location, specifications, locality, area, rate and so on. Lot of data is required as reference, actual site details, various documents, photographs need to be preserved for supporting the final figure.

This browser based application ensures accuracy, increase in response time, ease of operations and a good formatted valuation report.

Payroll Administration Tool

This is a product developed for Remunance Systems Pvt Ltd. to provide end to end Payrolll Administration service to their client companies.

The product allows the service provider to defind payrill elements in variety of formats depending upon the payroll structure in different company. It allows to define allowances, incentives, deduction rules as per company policy. It allows to define income tax structure, exemption rules under various sections. It also takes into consideration the leave and attendance record. With all this it then generates payroll for the company.

Bill of Material, MRP and Billing

An integrated system including Bill of Material (BOM), Material Resource Planning (MRP) was developed and implemented at Nichrome India.

The BOM allows defining of multi level Bill of Material for Product, Assembly, Subassemply, components and Raw material in hierrachical manner. Consideration of Boughtout, Inhopuse, Laboour type of job works was possible.

Approved BOM can then generate requisitions automatically by checking the inventary and orders in pipeline.


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