Aviz products bring the visualization technology for business and home users to improve visibility, productivity and organization of information.



Thought Chaos to Thougt Clarity
Improve your memory, communication and be better organized with Aviz Thought Mapper. It's a great tool for thinkers. Aviz Thoughtmapper makes the task of creative thinking, situation analysis, planning,
note taking, preparing documents, preparing for interactions like meetings, presentations and so on… a breeze. Anyone can create good looking, comprehensive mind maps using Thoughtmapper and convert them to documents like Word, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML at a click of a button.  read more... 



Reduce the time taken to get, read and make sense of reports using Aviz Insider™. Aviz Insider enables business users to retrieve, analyze, understand & present data using intuitive, easy to use graphics. It's wide range of views makes it a ideal tool for viewing the data the way you want. It's a powerful tool for end users in any business, freeing IT staff from generating ad-hoc and regular reports.  read more...   



The File System Analyzer shows your entire partition or directories on your screen at once, color coded for easy classification. The files size drives the space taken on screen, and drill down allows easy analysis. read more...


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