Data visualization can help leading market research companies gain a competitive edge through improved response times, higher accuracy and better presentation of research.
The advanced data visualization solutions enable users to generate insights from large amounts of data. Any business that generates or collects large amounts of data can benefitfrom such solutions.

A leading market research company collects monthly purchase data from houses of consumers.
This panel is spread all across India in rural and urban areas. The data has been collected for a
number of years from thousands of households for dozens of products. The raw data itself is
more than 30GB.
The company provides syndicated research to the manufacturers of various consumer products.
The research helps the companies to identify target market for new products, understand reasons
for change in sales pattern, define and track offers and campaigns.
The panel data is collected from households all over India. It is entered into a home grown
proprietary database. The analysts use a home grown, mature, desktop application that provides
online query and analysis facilities to this database. The pre-defined reports include several
statistical tools and models that have been built over the time.

The visualization solutions are most suitable for data viewing and decision making. They fit well into day-to-day operations, planning & tracking as well as analysis situation.
  Visuals can show show current performance &
performance trends for immediate understanding of the executives.
Dashboards: are a powerful tool for CxO level & traveling users to gain quick understanding of the business
MIS Reporting: Effectiveness of reports dramatically improves with visuals.
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  Analysis using visuals that show data in it’s natural form becomes meaningful, fast, accurate.
Strategic Planning: Visuals give better understanding of business as required for accurate planning
Analysis: Research and analytical users find visuals indispensable.
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  Applications where response times & accuracy are important are right candidates for visualization.
Scheduling & Planning: Resource & time planning done over familiar paradigms is helps reduce time and errors in planning.
Process Flows: Each business has flows e.g. money, data, materials, work, etc. These can be best understood as pictures.
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