Aviz Insider enables business users to quickly analyze and present data. It is suitable for business users who frequently need to get data from various sources, databases and need to do their own analysis on it before presenting it to customers, management and colleagues. It eliminates wasteful process of copying and pasting data from reports to Excel to create charts & graphs. Users can work directly with Enterprise applications (ERP / CRM / Accounting / BI), databases as well as spreadsheets.

Aviz Insider brings powerful querying and graphics to the desktop of business users without the need of learning databases or SQL. Insider simplifies the job of IT department to making data available and removes cost of formatting, delivery and continuous improvement.

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With Aviz Insider, business users can get the data they want, when they want, in the form they want; without tedious process of getting it from a report, copying and pasting in spreadsheet and then creating charts & graphs. With Aviz Insider, IT staff can focus on making information available.

     Power in hands of users:
         Business users can do the analysis they want, when             they want.
     Reduced IT involvement: Users no longer need IT          support for modifying or re-formatting report.
     Real time & On time:
         Dashboards enable availability of customized                      information on time a reality.
     Faster Analysis:
         The tedious process of copy, paste, format, reformat          is eliminated.
         Users can work directly with data and resulting in                faster response.


     Get data from anywhere:
         Connects to enterprise applications e.g. ERP, CRM, Accounting, etc., local             databases, spreadsheets.
         Connects to data warehouse e.g. SAP BIW, Microsoft Analysis Server*.
     Analyze with ease:
         Simple, point and click way to operate
         Choice of visuals: bar, area, line, stack, waterfall, scatter, more…
         Move between different views to choose the most effective
         Export it to Excel
         Save the image to documents, presentations or web.
         At-a-glance views
         Update in the real time

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     Connectivity: Databases: Oracle, SQL Server,                Access, Excel, ODBC, JDBC
     Connectivity: Warehouse SAP BIW, Microsoft                   Analysis Server
     Charts: Bar, Stacked Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Stacked             Area, Waterfall, Scatter, many more…
     Functions: Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count
     Export: Excel, Images to presentations, documents &                      web
     Personalized Dashboards
     Snap shots: storing intermediate analysis
     Customizable: for corporate use

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