Advanced Data Visualization solutions from Aviz, convert large, complex and raw textual data into visuals and present it to the users highlighting the trends, patterns, anomalies and correlations. This greatly helps the decision makers gaining an insight to the data and make fast and accurate business decisions.


Aviz offers Advanced Vislualization platform like GraViz and components like Treemap to IT product and solution providers, enhancing their solutions with the data visualization capabilities.
Addition of a vislualization layer to the product brings more value to the customers of these IT companies while differentiating their solutions from others.

Thought Mapper is a powerful Mind Mapping tool that helps you Organize Thoughts Visually and ideas around a central theme by creating a Mind Map. Mind maps generated using Thought Mapper can be shared with your colleagues, can be integrated with MS Outlook and can be converted to PowerPoint, Word, HTML and PDF formats enhancing collaboration across the teams as also personal productivity.

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As visualization evangelists, we offer a range of services to enable better visualizations and UI's for our clients.
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