GrAViz is a solution for modeling, creating, analyzing and visualizing data that can be modeled as graphs. It provides a highly customizable and extensible framework for creating business software applications. It can be used for data presentation as well as data creation.

It is used to present information such as network diagrams, flowcharts, project/process schedules, gnat charts, organizational hierarchies, code structures and system diagrams.


    Quickly build graph presentations of data
    Graph appearance and layout are made relevant to             your application
    Customise interaction as needed
    Use for data presentation as well as data                           entry/manipulation
    Libraries for quick implementation and integration
    Use as an application or component
    Deploy on any OS or over the web
    Appearance customised via xml
    Layout library for appropriate data presentation
    Extensible Analysis library
    Built in interaction library
    XML based persistence


GraViz can be used as a graph drawing and visualization component in an existing application or to build a new visual application or applet. In either situation, GraViz's xml-based extensibility allows quick customization of appearance and interaction with graph based data.

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GraViz consists of the following logical modules:

    Model for capturing graph based information
Integrates with existing application object and data models

    Customizable view for showing graphs
View templates are specified in XML and are based on types and data                  models
Layout library for auto-placement of view elements

    Customizable interaction
       Creation of graphs
        Editing of graphs
       Pre-existing library of interactions can be controlled via XML
        Flexibility to specify custom interaction in java code
    Application integration (Application model and Event system)
        Throws events of all user interactions
        A robust type mechanism that can accept external application objects and        types.
       Application object property display and modification.
        Out of the box persistence to GXL (Graph XML)
        Custom persistence can be plugged in. e.g. - Persist to/from a database
        Custom algorithms for graph analysis
    Stand alone application module
        XML based application definition
        Support for multiple document interface
        Flexibility for custom menu's, toolbars and pop ups



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