Manage your files & disk space easily & effectively.

File system explorers are great for accessing files, but show only a hierarchy. They do not show relative file sizes, which is very important for managing disk space.
The File System Analyzer shows your entire partition or directories on your screen at once, color coded for easy classification. The files size drives the space taken on screen, and drill down allows easy analysis.

    Reduce time to find large or unnecessary files
    Highlight files of a type
    Compare directory sizes
    Browse, open and delete
    At a Glance view
            Hundreds of files at a time
            Brings out relative size of files and directories on                 disk
            Each file is colored by file type.
            Highlight Tool tip shows additional data: complete               path and actual size
            Drill down to focus on a directory
            Open or delete files/directories
            Limit the view to see oversized files
            Smoothly control view depth

    Data management
    Disk cleanup

File View

enlarge view    

Drill Down View

enlarge view    

Low Depth View

enlarge view    

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