FAQs On Thoughtmapper

Q. Why should I use Thought Mapper ?

A. If you do any planning, writing, research, organizing, learning or thinking, then you have got a tool in your hand which will make your work lot more easier.

Q. What can I use it for ?

A. Mind Maps can be used for:
      Gathering Information
      Organizing Ideas.
      Displaying concise information.
      Describing the relationship between ideas.
      As a Memory Aid.
      To help make a decision.
      To start planning a new task or project

Q. I want to know more about mind mapping.

A. Read more about Mind Mapping here (PDF document).

Q. Where can I see some samples ?

A. Please have a look at the sample map gallery here.

Q. How do I start using the Thoughtmapper?

A. Download, Install. Before you start using Thoughtmapper please read the built     in help. Start with a central theme. Put in thoughts as they start to appear.     Highlight the important topics by using different colors. Customize your map     by using icons.

Q. Not everyone has Thoughtmapper. How do I share my maps with them ?

A. You can save the mind maps as images (JPEG, PNG) RTF, PDF and HTML and share.

Q. Why can't I draw mind maps by hand instead ?

A. The advantages of computer generated Mind Maps are:
    Information can be added as fast as you can type - and it is neat!
    Changes can be made without re-doing the Mind Map.
    Nodes can be 'opened' and linear text added. (This means a complete     document can be thought up, organized, written and produced in one go!)
    Images can be added from the 'symbol gallery' with a click or a drag.
    Colors can be added to words or branches, to show connections, importance     etc.
    If a part gets 'fat', that particular branch can be saved as separate Mind Map.
    Mind Maps can be easily exchanged
    Inter-connections can be shown with easily drawn colored lines.
    Mind maps have a 'professional' look to them.

Q. How do I make my mind map look good?

A. You can add your individuality to your map by adding different icons and images and by applying color schemes of your choice.

Q. What are the Hardware requirements for the tool ?

A. Pentium II or equivalent
    128Mb RAM (Recommended 256Mb)
    125Mb Hard disk space

Q. How do I install the tool ?

A. Download the appropriate installer. If you have Java 1.4.2 installed on your     machine, please download the installer without the Java Runtime Environment     (JRE) 1.4.2 (~3mb).
    If you don't have Java 1.4.2 installed or you are unsure whether Java is     istalledthen please download the installer with the JRE (~15.6 mb).
    You will have to register your name and e-mail before downloading. Please     click here to proceed to the download page. After you have downloaded the     installer, simply run it to install Thoughtmapper.

Q. How do I start using the tool ?

A. Download the software, follow the installation procedure to start using it. You can also refer to the inbuilt help functionality for any queries.

Q. I use Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Is it supported ?

A. Yes, Thoughmapper runs on all the above versions of Windows.

Q. I use Linux/Mac. Is it supported ?

A. Thoughtmapper has been tested on Redhat Linux 8. This version is currently not available in our downloads section. Please contact us if you need a copy.

Q. What is the initial trial period ?

A. Thoughmapper comes with a 30 days free trial period.

Q. How do I get support for Thoughtmapper ?

A. Please e-mail your queries to thoughtmapper@avizsoft.com.




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