The powerful Advanced Data Visualization tools from Aviz help the decision makers in banking industry gain an insight into the business operations for accurate and fast decision making. The specific tools are,

Charts and Graphs

    Better understanding of performance parameters        
       - Informed decision making
    Quick understanding of special incidences, abnormal        events - Quick preventive actions
    Power in the hands of users: No dependence on IT        support staff for report generation. IT staff is freed for        their core work.


Using these tools the user gets a quick overview of the entire operation and can drill down to minute details whenever necessary

Tree map is a powerful and highly interactive analysis tool.
    Performance analysis: Review the        performance of whole region with a hierarchical        drill down to city and branch level.
    Analysis based on key performance indicators like        NPA, deposits, advances, interest income, other        income etc for analysis.
    Analysis based
on product offerings like housing        loans, retail lending, agricultural lending,        industrial finance, credit

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    Trend analysis – performance trends over years,        months, weeks etc.
    Performance comparison – key performance        indicator wise, product wise.

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