AvizSoft is a private limited company based in the city of Pune, India. Aviz software's aim is to provide insights to the business decision makers through visualization of data by transforming the data into valuable information.

Aviz builds software products, generic visualization frameworks, visualization controls and domain specific end user applications.

Aviz also offers architecture, conceptualisation consulting and software development services for transforming products and applications to the next generation.

" Office located in the central Business District of Pune city
" Accommodation for 20+ developers. Extensible setup.
" Conference room and other facilities.
" Equipped high speed connectivity to Internet (24x7) backed up by dialup
" Windows and Linux servers as well as web based servers

Technology Skills:
User interfaces
1. Java / Swing - expert level
2. Java JSP / Servlet generating HTML - highly competent
3. Microsoft.NET GDI - competent
4. Oracle Forms

Programming languages
1. Java - core java and J2EE - expert
2. Microsoft C#, VB - highly competent

1. Java - J2EE / Swing / JSP / Servlet - Expert
2. Microsoft.NET - Highly competent
3. Microsoft Windows - competent

1. Oracle - highly competent
2. Microsoft SQL Server - highly competent
3. Microsoft Access - expert
4. mySQL - highly competent
5. IBM DB2 - competent

Knowledge of mainframe technologies and languages including COBOL, CICS, JCL, ReXX, IDMS, DB2




Rahul Dharmadhikari: CEO & MD

Rahul has been working for 12+ years in the software development field. Before starting Aviz Software, he was instrumental in building the information visualization group within MBT's software engineering division. Having worked with diverse application architectures from mainframe to n-tier J2EE and .NET applications he brings sound technical knowledge to the team. Mainly responsible for conceptualizing industry solutions and providing thought leadership to the company.

Ashwini Dharmadhikari
Ashwini brings to the company a experience in working in wide range of domains including Government, Education, Telecom, Construction. In the last 10 years she has managed large projects for international and domestic clients in technologies including various Microsoft platforms, Java J2EE, Oracle Forms, Foxpro. Apart from software development, Ashwini enjoys community work, especially related to education.

Kapil Kulkarni
Kapil has experienced wide range of careers from construction, investment, spiritual development and software development. He brings to the team a very positive attitude and experience from the wide range fields.

Karan Gujral: CTO
Karan is an ideal mix of a technology specialist and a good personal manager. Karan has deep expertise in visualization algorithms and mathematics. In software technologies he has mastery in Microsoft and Java technologies. Over the last 5 years he has acquired excellent grasp of software design and the architecture. Karan acts as evangelist for the organization. With his ability to define the working processes of a team he comes to the team as a natural leader and problem solver. Has a liking for different cuisines as well as , is a voracious reader.

Sanjay Risbood
Sanjay looks after Business Development at Aviz. Sanjay has over 17 years of experience in industrial, software services and software product marketing. He has worked with several international as well as domestic customers. Sanjay with his domain knowledge of various industries can better understand the client's business needs. This greatly helps the client in getting a right solution addressing their pain areas.


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