Aviz platforms and components are for developers of graphical user interfaces. These well designed, tested software components dramatically reduce the time required to build powerful graphical interactive applications. Typical proof of concept applications are up and running in hours or days instead of weeks and months required for conventional methods.
Aviz components and platforms come bundled with documentation, examples and code templates to get you started quickly.

Each component is designed to fit easily into your applications. It provides clear interfaces to define data, configure the graphics and allows hooks to receive events. Aviz components come with intuitive default behavior for most user events.

Aviz platforms and components are typically available on following platforms. They use platform specific good design practices e.g. MVC architecture typical to Java Swing and integration with Visual Studio IDE for property settings at design time.

Java Swing – Desktop, Applet or Web    Application (Servlet / JSP)
Microsoft .NET rich client
Flash MX

* Please check each component’s page for availability.

All these come with email support.




    Quickly build graph presentations of data
    Graph appearance and layout are made relevant        to your application
    Customise interaction as needed
    Use for data presentation as well as data                           entry/manipulation
    Libraries for quick implementation and integration

Using these tools the user gets a quick overview of the entire operation and can drill down to minute details whenever necessary

Tree map is a powerful and highly interactive analysis tool.

   Brand performance analysis.
   Customer profiling based on different parameters.
   Competition analysis.



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